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Our services include Consultation, Design, Proposal, Implementation, and Management of a Complete Enforcement, Identification, and Cyber Security Solution for our client base.

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BioSecure Solutions Sdn.Bhd was incorporated in June 2004 to provide a complete Biometric service by delivering customized portfolio of Identification and Biometric solution with real time data and reporting.

Our capabilities and solutions have expanded to focus on Enforcement Technology via technical partnership with Elmu Education Group. Elmu is a Law Enforcement Training, R&D, Testing and Evaluation organization that specializes in Intelligence, Surveillance, Integrity, Security and Training.

The synergy of our experience coupled with technical collaboration with Elmu provides BioSecure Solutions with the best of breed to Consult, Design, Propose, Implement and manage a complete Enforcement, Identification and Cyber Security solution to our client base

Company Background

  • Focused on Enforcement Technology as our core offering, we provide a combination of Biometric, Identification Solution and Enforcement Technology for Private and Government based agencies.
  • Our offering includes providing managed services to the solutions we have designed as a proof of operation excellence.
  • Among some of the key projects involved are Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalanraya (JPJ) and as a consultant to the Institute of Integrity & Enforcement Agency of Malaysia

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We are a Biometric Technology Solution and Service Provider since 2004 with paid up capital of RM 1 Million

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